I'm just started to translate my tutorials, Just  a few  lessons

are translated now .Quickly there be more.

My English is not so good so I hope you understand it all ;-)


What can you find here:

* Mine own writhed tutorials

* Mine websets ( coming sone)

* Some links

Before you go to my tutorials or webset first read my


* Al my tutorials are copyright.

My tutorials my not be copy, linkt or used on any

other way with out my permission.

My tutorials are indiceert by

Of course your free to make my tutorials.

Have fun with PSP

Do you have questions or want permission

just ask


Hugs Josi

Ps You can find some banners of my site below.


My new tutorials :



Red Rose

Little One

The swan lake



Some tutorials are translated in german by:

and by:


Some tutorials are also translated in French by:

Some tutorials are translated in Italian by



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